Extend the Life of Your Roof

Extend the Life of Your Roof

Trust us for reroofing services

If your roof has been damaged but a replacement is out of your budget, you should get reroofing services. This will protect your home from water damage if you have minor leaks. Integrity Construction can complete the reroofing process correctly and efficiently.

Our team will install new roofing materials over your current roof to prevent leaks or further damage. This process is faster than getting a replacement and can save you money. Make an appointment with our team in garland, TX today.

You don't need a replacement yet

Reroofing is a great option if:

  • The damage to your roof is minor
  • Your roof is relatively new
  • Your roof's structure is in good condition

This isn't a good choice if your roof is rotting or severely damaged. We can help you decide if reroofing is right for your property or if you need a full replacement. Call us today at 972-469-9976 if you have any questions about reroofing.